About Tesco Company

TESCO Company is an Engineering company offering a wide range of make ready/ joint-use solutions to any and all utility companies in need. TESCO recognizes the importance of internal and external organization and planning for both the pole owner and third-party applicants. We understand the need for engineers to oversee all surveying and remedied solutions due to the complexities that are associated with how the final user will apply these recommendations. At TESCO Company we realize that the NESC regulations/codes can be easily overlooked due to multiple rebuilds and build-outs all happening within the same contract; we would like to be your insurance against weakened infrastructures causing black-out, and shortages due to non-compliance resulting in very high liability cost. We pride ourselves on immaculate systematic analysis, designed to meet your company's needs quickly, efficiently, and effectively within your company's budget. Here at TESCO our team of calculators, technicians, and engineers have 200+ years of experience in utility coordination, NESC structural and compliance standards, and excellent management solutions to augment your existing staff. Let our amazing team of experts sharpen your quality of services and ensure your customer's excellence.